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Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes, March 2011

VACO Office of Mental Health Services Psychology Conference Call Minutes

January 27, 2011, Minutes
October 28, 2010, Minutes
September 23, 2010, Minutes
May 28, 2009, Minutes


Documents/Testimony Regarding Psychologist Workload and Hiring

Dr. Randy Phelps' testimony on pay and leadership positions for VA Psychologists.

Recommendations on Psychologist Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion

Recommendations on Meeting the Needs for Neuropsychological Expertise

MH and Primary Care Resources

Who is Using Behavioral Health Services in Integrated Primary Care? (PowerPoint)

Integrated Primary Care in VISN 2: A Critical Model of Healthcare Delivery (Microsoft Word)

Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Services: Operations Manual (Microsoft Word)

Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Care (PowerPoint)

Integrated Models of Care: Examples from HBPC and Cardiology (PowerPoint)

Primary Care Psychology

VA Psychology History Publications

As reported earlier, the 60 year history of VA psychology and its role in helping shape modern psychology and the treatment of veterans has been released by APA Books. The book was co-authored by Rodney R. Baker and Wade Pickren. The book entitled Psychology and the Department of Veterans Affairs: A historical analysis of training, research, practice, and advocacy is part of a series planned by APA Books detailing the reciprocal influence of psychology and the federal government and can be reviewed on the APA Book website.

In still another VA psychology history publication, Baker reports that he has edited a companion book entitled Stories From VA Psychology in which he and 14 other VA psychology leaders describe their career experiences and events shaping the treatment of veterans (read excerpts here). This volume was released in March 2007 by AuthorHouse and can be reviewed at their book store website at http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore (enter the book title in the space provided to view a description of the book and some excerpts from the book).

VA Leadership Conference Presentations

2004 VA Leadership Conference Washington, DC

2003 VA Leadership Conference Denver, Colorado

Previous VA Leadership Conferences

Thomas Garthwaite, M.D., Under Secretary for Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs, responds to the concerns raised by the American Psychiatric Association about psychologists functioning as independent practitioners and about psychologists prescribing medications within the VA.
At the Dallas II Conference, co-sponsored by AVAPL and the APA Practice Directorate, Kenneth Kizer, M.D., Under Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, announces the issuing of a directive on parity in the selection of leaders of reorganized mental health services. See the directive here.

Keeping in touch with our friends

A message from a former VA Chief Psychologist and former AVAPL Executive Board member.
The Psychology and the VA history book by Rod Baker and Wade Pickren will be released November 15 and can be ordered online at the APA Books website at http://books.apa.org/books.cfm?id=4316084.

In Memoriam

Oakley Ray, one of the founders of the Association of VA Chiefs of Psychology and the organization's first President, died on February 7, 2007. More information here.