Join or Renew Your Membership to AVAPL

Thank you for your interest in joining or renewing your membership to AVAPL! From this page, you can complete your application and, for new or current members, charge your membership dues to your credit card. AVAPL uses Payments to handle your credit card transaction through a secure connection. If you would rather mail a check for your dues, click the appropriate link below, complete the information on the membership application page, and print out the page on your printer. You may mail that form to the address at the bottom of the membership application form. For an explanation of the levels of membership, please click here.

NEW MEMBERS: If you are joining AVAPL for the first time, your dues are reduced for the first year! New member dues are only $50.00 for the first year. Click here to complete the New Member application form.

CURRENT MEMBERS RENEWING MEMBERSHIP: For current members, renewing your dues is $70.00. If you join after July 1, your dues will apply to the current membership year and the next membership year. Click here to complete the Current Member application form.

HONORARY MEMBERS: If you are applying for or renewing as an Honorary member of AVAPL, click here to complete the Honorary Member application form.
TRAINING AFFILIATE MEMBERS: If you are applying as a Training Affiliate member of AVAPL, your dues are $20.00. Click here to complete the Training Affiliate Member application form.

Thanks for your membership in AVAPL!